A Piece for Two (Lovers)

…A piece for two lovers

a piece for two, lovers

a piece, for two lovers

a… piece for two lovers

a piece for, two lovers

a piece for two lovers…

A piece for two lovers,

a piece for two lovers.

Two lovers for a piece.

For two lovers, a piece

a piece, two lovers for

A piece for two lovers.

For two a piece, lovers

A lovers for two piece.

A piece for two lovers,

a piece for two lovers,

a piece for two lovers.

A piece, for two lovers


One records a secret score for the other. Both perform their listening together. A piece is instantly composed. For the first time. Always for the first time.

A live performance piece

Running time: 15-minutes

Performed by Antonio Jesùs de la Fe & Robert Vesty in the Boilerhouse, RHUL for Dancing Economies, 20 February, 2015

  • DateFebruary 2015