This piece works with ideas of accumulation and collage, building a patchwork of shared memories, urges, and responses to create a luscious sensorial score of improvised movement and pre-recorded digital sound (field recordings, overlaid or juxtaposed with snippets of the dancers’ autobiography and fictions) evoking fragments of the combined 150 years the performers have lived in their individual environments. The audience witness the dancers evoke landscapes, textures, colours, images, sensations as they come and go, overlap, accumulate, linger and dissolve.

“Four bodies are slumped in a corner at the base of a heap of tangled clothes. They slump forwards, over and across one another; pulling, tugging, shrugging. There’s absolutely no rush, but the prone bodies avoid any sense of lethargy.… Fleshy, material, bodies contort with a sophisticated ease. It’s delicious: I could have watched it for hours. I wanted the floor to extend further and further and further; and then to run out.… What strikes me is the evident and huge skill of each of these performers. There’s a clear sense of just how long these people have been dancing, how long one needs to have dedicated to improvisatory practices in order to get this good. (Paul Hughes, DRAFF)

  • DateMay 2018