2-copy3-copy4-copy5-copy6-copy7-copy8-copy9-copyGjendin Ridge Flyer

Gjendin Ridge is a place for casting tales, lies, fabrications, half-truths and illusions with all the full force of truth as if they were nature’s. Here the air is thin. There is danger and thrill. And while a look could kill, its cruelty knows how to be flippant and skittish too.

Dramatis Personae:

Antonio de la Fe: FIbber

Petra Söör: Owl

Mariana Camiloti: Under the Bed

Robert Vesty: Valley

An instantly choreographed piece made with dance and poetry and other things. 

Premier as part of TIN PIECES – a playful evening of improvised performance by members of the TransDisciplinary Improvisation Network (TIN) based at Middlesex University.

23 October 2015/ 7.30pm / FREE booking http://insideoutfestival.org.uk/2015/events/tin-pieces

Ravensfield THeatre, Middlesex University, Hendon NW4 4BT

The above stills taken from film footage shot by Pete Gomes